Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thank You Card

I played around with my gorgeous Stampin Up papers and inks today and made this card. I really like how it turned out and love this stamp set. I picked it up years ago (Garden College) and if I remember correctly it was a hostess gift.

I was out visiting Shelly at Scrap Arts today and was so inspired by her beautiful store and how she has it designed. I've signed up for a Canvas Art Portrait class in October and am so excited! I can't wait to try scrapbooking on canvas! My next venture will be an acrylic album. I'll be sure to post what we make!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy 55th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad

My parents will be celebrating their 55th Wedding Anniversary next week. Congratulations Mom and Dad! You're the best!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lasting Impressions

I just love these brass stencils! And the coordinating colour packs make life so simple! I have vowed not to purchase any more random paper unless I buy the patterned paper to go with it! From now on I'm going to try to only purchase matching patterned and solids (at the same time AND keep them together! lol). No more hunting around for that perfect match! That's why I love SU products! This card was so simple to make! Life just got easier! I think I might even be able to conquer the kit planning for my crops if I stick to this method!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Playing again....

Last night I played with some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. Thanks Izzy for telling me about this fun stuff! It's hard to see in these photos but it really added some dimension and sparkle to the silk flowers. I LOVE this stuff!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Natures Beauty

On Sunday, we all went on a road trip up to Kennedy Lake where we stopped along the way for a picnic. Below is a digital layout I made tonight of my daughter bird watching. I was able to get really close to this little fellow to get this shot of him. They were really friendly and came right up onto our picnic table to see what was for lunch. I think they might have been Whiskey Jacks, but not certain. It was a really great day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've been tagged again!

I just received an "I love your blog tag" from Jo! Thanks so much Jo! I am new to blogging and am having so much fun playing and sharing! Thanks for inspiring me to keep it up. You're a sweety and one very talented lady!

Because I don't know a lot of people in this wonderful world of blogging yet, I will try to follow the rules as best I can. Here goes.

The rules:

I have to pick 7 of my favorite blogs and…

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog

2. Link the person you received your award from

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.
Most of everyone I know has already been tagged and since I didn't see anywhere in the rules that we couldn't tag someone who's already been tagged, I'm going to tag some of you again lol. So here's my list:
  1. Jo - I'm tagging you back girlfriend as you are one of the most talented women I know! Your style is so unique and everything you do is so very beautiful and artistic! I really enjoy reading your blog and love the way you write and how you remind us of the beauty in life's simple pleasures.
  2. Izzy - You girl are the most energetic and creative woman I have ever met. You are a true inspiration and I love your zest for life! You are responsible for fueling my love for scrapbooking girlfriend. Lately I have been drawn to your beautiful photography and the way you capture the "moment". I feel so lucky to have met you my friend. I've learned so much! Through you, I have discovered my true passion for scrapbooking and have met some wonderful women along the way. Thank you!
  3. Sue F - Sue has taught me so much about colour and design and has officially gotten me hooked on Stampin Up products and card making. She has so much energy and is so very talented and graciously opens her home to teach and share her love for paper crafts. It's been such a pleasure getting to know her and I have so much fun attending her Stampin Up club.
  4. Diane - You are another amazing woman with boundless energy! You are one very talented lady and I love scrapping with you! Thanks for the amazing retreats you put on, your incredible customer service and for being such an inspiration. You are just too much fun!
  5. Sue C - I met Sue through our scrapbooking group and have so enjoyed getting to know her. She makes beautiful cards and I've recently discovered that she makes beautiful jewelry as well and other fine crafts. I love reading your blog Sue!
  6. 7 and on and on.....there are many other women who's blogs I've visited through links from my friends above but since they don't know me I'll say that I hope to one day meet you all, if not in person, through the wonderful world of blogging. Thanks for sharing your passions and your love of photography, scrapbooking and card making. You are all so very talented!

Digi Blogs???

Oh yes you can! lol You may have noticed that I played around a little bit with the background for my title on my blog. Does the digital concept ever end? I am seriously hooked!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

If you like to stamp...

check this little tutorial out by Christine Urias from Scrap Time. I subscribe to her podcast and she always showcases cool new products and gives little tutorials on many different scrapbooking and card making techniques. This particular one is two step stamping using 1 acrylic stamp. Very cool!
Ep. 239 - 2 Step Stamping using 1 Clear Stamp

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Altered Tin

I had so much fun making this! I'm going to need more of these tins Diane! I love them! I'm planning on storing all the pictures I want to scrap in this little cutie.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another fun digital layout

Ok, I am SO having fun playing with these wild and funky digital designs that are out there! This one is called Let them Eat Cupcakes by Kate Hadfield and Angela Powers from We are Storytellers. I just love all the bright colours!

Our Silly Girl!

Our Kitty isn't the only one who likes to lounge on the patio!

Another Layout with Stampin Up

Have I told you all how much I love Stampin Up products? Well I do! Look how great all these colours go together. I have almost completed my collection of colour families now. Doesn't the mat with the butterflies look like patterned paper? Well it's not. It's a SU background stamp that I coloured in with the same colours I chose for my cardstock, Old Olive, Perfect Plum and Rose Red.

Double tagged by Izzy!

My friend Izzy tagged me! My first tag and oh what a tag it is! (First tag -- second tag shown at the bottom) The rules are you have to take 10 pictures of the following things, and you have to do it right away. No straightening, cleaning, or wiping your child's nose. Then you tag five others. Since I've only just started blogging I only know a handful of people who blog and two have already been tagged by Izzy lol, I'm going to have to bend the rules here girls and I'll only be tagging 1.....1 very lucky lady! ;o) Here we go.....

1. closet (this is when you're all suppose to say "Ohhhhh, you poor dear!" as I have an itty bitty closet and need to share it with hubby! lol)
2. laundry room (ok, so I really need to fold the laundry)
3. refrigerator
4. kitchen sink (funny, I was just thinking today I really need to polish these sinks!)
5. favourite room (my studio, wish it was bigger but spend most of my time here and love how it has evolved)
6. what the kids are doing now (sleeping, at least I hope so! It's after midnight! lol)
7. toilet (now why would anyone want to see my toilet??? but ummm, ok....) 8. favourite shoes (my black patten Amalfi sling backs, wish I had more opportunities to wear them!) 9. dream vacation (Italy - I've always wanted to go there for as long as I can remember)
10. self portrait
Second Tag -
6 quirks about me:
The rules are to link the person who sent it to you (above), mention these rules in your blog, then (the fun part) tell us about 6 random, unspectacular quirks that you possess. Then tag 6 others to do the same. Again...since I've only just started blogging and only know a handful of people who blog and two have already been tagged by Izzy lol I'm going to have to bend the rules here girls and I'll only be tagging 1.....1 very lucky lady! ;o)

1. I am a total night owl and get most of my energy when everyone else in the house is asleep

2. I still use Word Perfect

3. I have absolutely zero sense of direction and could not live without my gps!

4. I am a total gadget girl and love technology

5. I could wear my pajamas ALL day

6. I have a fondness for crows NOT!

I'm tagging Sue

Monday, August 11, 2008

Altered Turtles Tin

Here's another project I made with SU products. I altered this Turtles tin and am using it to store my cards in. I just love brown and pink together!

It's Official...

I am hooked on Stampin Up! I just love how all the colours coordinate so beautifully. It makes crafting so much easier as I spend far less time trying to decide which colours and patterned paper goes best together. I belong to Sue Farrant's Stampin Up Club where a group of us ladies meet once a month at her place to learn how to make beautiful projects. She teaches us all kinds of great tecniques and showcases great products! It is so much fun! Below is our latest project that we made this weekend for Hostess Appreciation. Sue put on a delicious lunch for us all and we all got to make one of these adorable little card, tag and note holders. Isn't it cute!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A card for my friend....

My best friend moved to Alberta a while back and I miss her dearly but we keep in touch on the phone as often as we ever did so I know she's just a phone call away. I made this little card for her birthday and really like how it turned out. I just love Elzybells....they are just the cutiest little stamps!

Somebunny Loves You

I bought my first digital scrapbook kit tonight and had a blast creating this layout. I think I'm hooked!