Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crafty Secrets

I have some cards I made just recently for some dear friend's birthdays. I love Crafty Secrets! Their Heartwarming Vintage Collection is so much fun to play with. I love these girls, aren't they fun? 

I'm going to Timberline this weekend and hope to have lots of layouts to share with you in the upcoming weeks. It's been a rather rough week as I've been suffering from a terrible head cold and recovering from a totally unexpected root canal. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be well enough to make it to Timberline to scrap with my girls! I have visions of cuddling up in my cozy blanket and playing with paper and drinking hot tea for the entire weekend. Cheers!

2 Lovely Comments:

Izzy said...

Great cards! I loved mine :) you take it easy and get will not miss Timberline, you will not miss Timberline, you will not miss Timberline...k' it's my mantra... nuff said ((hugs))

Jo said...

oh those area adorable cards! Crafty Secrets always rocks! and you will not miss Timberline ... get better ... like NOW!!! Hugs!