Saturday, December 8, 2012

Feeling the Christmas Spirit!

December is always such a festive month for me! I celebrated my birthday this past week with some of my dear friends and of course Christmas is not far away so my home is looking and feeling a lot like Christmas! Is one every too old to celebrate the magic of Christmas? I don't think so! Because WE believe, one of Santa's elves has come to visit and boy, does he ever get up to some mischief! lol
On Thursday, my dear friend Sue and I went for dinner together and she gave me a beautiful new tea cup and made me some of her beautiful crochet flowers, trim and little wee hearts! I love them! Thanks so much Sue!
Today, Izzy and Diane took me for a lovely lunch and spoiled me with a great Doodling Book, some adorable Scrapbooking Socks and a beautiful new Pandora charm for my bracelet. Thank you so much ladies! I had a great day with you both!
Aren't these socks adorable?! lol
We decorated our tree on my birthday. I really wanted to have it up early this year.
 Some of our Christmas decorations...
I've started a new December Daily for this year. This one is from 2010. These adorable ornaments are from the German Christmas Market. I'll be going again this week with all my scrapbooking buddies. I'm really looking forward to it!
And, finally, here are a couple things I've made over the past couple weeks.
Jo made this gorgeous tree and had it on display at our last scrapbooking retreat. I loved it so much, I bought the Stampin' Up paper and made my own. This one is for my mother in law. I added a little spool for the top of the tree as she loves to sew and a pretty glass beaded heart for an embellishment.Thanks for the inspiration Jo!
Whitney and I got together and made some little gifts for some of the people we work with.
Oh, I must share with you some of the mischief our little elf Greyson has gotten up to as well!
One morning we woke up and he had booted our poor angel off our tree and perched himself on top!
Thanks for stopping by to visit! I hope you are all enjoy the magic of the holidays!

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Izzy said...

December is a wonderful month! I believe in the spirit of Christmas at any age!
Happy Birthday again! check out some of the photos I posted on my blog ;)