Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Crayon Resist

I really want to try and learn more techniques for my card making so I did a little research and tried the crayon resist technique on this card and had lots of fun making it. The white parts of the card is where I used my crayon before stamping the purple, blue and green ink for the background. The wax crayon resisted the ink and left these parts white. The trick is to use a glossy card stock and polish it up to remove the wax residue once you are finished applying your ink.

3 Lovely Comments:

ScrappeeDiane said...

What a beautiful card, I love it. You are very talented and I'm loving all your new techniques. You inspire me :o)

Izzy said...

Great card! love the technique :)

Sue said...

Lovely card Kathy!

Thanks for the tutorial.