Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Tag You're IT!

I was over at Haley's blog and she has posted a "25 random facts" post there today. If you read this, then you need to do this on your own blog too! Tag you're it. Have fun!

1. My favourite flower is the Peony - I just love the way it drops it's petals, so romantic.

2. I'm a big fan of Tim McGraw.

3. I have never lived higher than the 2nd floor in an apartment building and don't think I could.

4. I'm addicted to scrapbooking....duh, what a surprise eh?

5. I loathe crows!

6. I use to wake Andy Garcia up in the morning with "Good morning Mr. Garcia, this is your 6 am wake up call"

7. My daughter was born on our wedding anniversary AND to the song we walked down the aisle to! (and NO, we did not put it on, the surgeons did!)

8. I'll be married 19 years this year.

9. I can hold my breath for 73 seconds.

10. My favourite tv show was Third Watch. I watched every episode. Now it's House... when I do watch tv.

11. I had a cat name Saucer growing up and her mother's name was Teacup.

12. I'll always choose Red over White.

13. I once had a fortune teller tell me that I would live in a windy city surrounded by chickens. Go figure!

14. My favourite potato chip is Dill Pickle.

15. I use to play the clarinet.

16. I once mud wrestled with my girlfriend after too many martinis. Ok, maybe not competitive mud wrestling but falling down drunk mud wrestling looking for my cell phone LOL

17. I've never had the chickenpox.

18. My gay hair stylist dumped me because he found out I was unfaithfully having my hair coloured by another stylist....a woman.

19. My first car was an orange VW Bug. Loved that car!

20. I've swam in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

21. I have not slept through an entire night without waking up at least twice for the past 10 years!

22. I've ridden in a limo three times.

23. I make an awesome chili.

24. I started skiing when I was three.

25. When I was about 10, I had a hornet fly up my nose after an outdoor swimming lesson. And.....OMG did it ever hurt! I clearly remember the first aid attendent having to pull it out with a pair of tweezers while my mom squeezed my hand and tried desperately to keep me from writhing around on the table!

Wow, can't believe I did it! Now, it's your turn, if you read this you need to put this on your page. It's a lot of fun. Leave me a comment so I know to check your page!

4 Lovely Comments:

ScrappeeDiane said...

Not sure I needed to hear the last one. OMG! WTG I love this tag.

Hayley G said...

Awesome Kathy!!! I loved reading your answers! Thanks for playing along.

Sue C said...

Oh what fun!

DART said...

Third Watch--->LOVED BOSCO. : )

Tim McGraw *swoon*

Loved reading it too and thought we could be friends until I read the DILL PICKLE chips line! LOL JK!