Monday, April 11, 2011


What a wonderful weekend! Izzy took this photo so she's not in it, but she was there! I had such a fun time with my girls this weekend scrappin our little hearts out up at Timberline.  I created 13 layouts and am really pleased that I was able to get so much done. Kitting definitely makes a big difference in helping me be productive! Thanks Izzy!

I will have lots to share with you over the next several weeks. I'm going to save some of my layouts for my Kathy Thursday posts for Tiny Seed but once they are up, I'll share them here too. Here's a couple whimsical layouts I had fun creating from this weekend and a few sneak peeks of what I'll be sharing this Thursday over at Tiny Seed. Thanks for your wonderful friendships ladies! I had a really fun time! Sue, you were fabulous! No one would have known it was your first time hosting. You did an amazing job!

Here's my sneak peeks for this upcoming Kathy Thursday post over at  Tiny Seed. Hope you'll enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by!

4 Lovely Comments:

Jo said...

You were so in the scalping zone for the retreat ... you were very creative and very inspirational my friend!!!

Rosa said...

Love the sneaks! Can't wait to see the release..amazing creatin' yet again :)

Izzy said...

You rocked the weekend! your layouts are stunning, pictures just aren't the same as seeing these IRL!

Hayley G said...

Looks like you all had a fab time. Can't wait to see what you post. Loving what I'm seeing - as ALWAYS!