Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Couple Layouts to Share...

I'm a big fan of Pinterest. I spend way too much time on it oogling over all the beautiful creations that people have made. I wanted to do a layout that documented this pastime of mine. I seem to have developed a habit of perusing through all the DIY (Do It Yourself) categories and collecting ideas for my creative boards every night before bed. I get so much inspiration from Pinterest. I just love it!
My daughter couldn't wait to get her hands on my new DSLR camera and immediately started taking the coolest photos. I love this one of her. Like mother, like daughter!
I've been participating in Project 365+1 and have been doing pretty well keeping up with both my 365 blog and getting my photos into my Smash Journal. I really want to have a tangible book for this year's project. In 2009 I participated in Project 365 but only maintained my blog and didn't get anything scrapped much to my dismay after purchasing several digital kits.

I'm also participating in Project Life this year but am not doing it on a daily basis like I am with my Project 365+1. I loved Becky Higgens' kits so much I had to get one of them and decided on the Amber collection. I've decided to use mine a little different though and am using it to cover more than just one year and am including every day moments as well as a collection of milestones, celebratory events of days gone by and just every day life dating back to I'm not even sure when yet. I haven't decided. I'll share some of the pages I have done with you soon. For now, here are a couple of my Smash journal Project 365+1 layouts and January and February's Take Twelve collages. Yep, Take Twelve too. I'm going to scrap the collages and at the end of the year, my plan is to have twelve 12x12 pages for my Take Twelve album. Yes....I know, I have my crafty fingers in a lot of pies these days! lol

Take Twelve Collages for January and February.
 January 12, 2012
February 12, 2012

2 Lovely Comments:

Jo said...

Kudos for keeping up!!! I can only dream of keeping up! lol!

Hayley G said...

I just love how you manage to keep going with everything. I love reading and seeing your beautiful layouts. Now that I finally have a craft room again I can't wait to get in to the spirit of it all. It's been a long time. Thanks for the inspiration!!