Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jillybean Soup Layout and More Pages in My Smash for Project 365+1

This was a fun layout to create. I love the fun bright colours Jillybean Soup offers. Lots of texture here.

Project 365+1 Meets Smash

I'm so happy that I'm keeping up with my Project 365+1 and getting my photos into my journal this year. Using my Smash Journal has made it super simple and quick. I only need to add a few embellishments for each week as the pages are so pretty just on there own. Thanks for stopping by!

3 Lovely Comments:

Jo said...

Saw this on the tiny seed blog ... i just adore the paper, i have never tried jillibean before ... i must go give it a look ... loving the layout!!!

Izzy said...

Great layout and wonderful job on keeping up with the 365+1 in your SMASH journal :)

laterg8r said...

your smash is gorgeous - love the numbers on each picture, very organized and pretttttty :D