Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 21st - The Snow Keeps Falling!

I am so loving this snow!! It is so unusual for Vancouver to get so much! It began snowing again late last night and then stopped for a bit and then started up again this morning and has not stopped. It is absolutely gorgeous out there! Here are some more pictures of our beautiful city covered in the white fluffy stuff that my sister-in-law took while sledding with Emily today. I am heading out for a walk later and will take some more but I think my sister-in-law gets my vote for Photo of the Day.

3 Lovely Comments:

Jo said...

Great photos Kathy ... i was too cold to leave the house ... so no photos for me

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos Kathy!

Looks like Emily had a wonderful time in the snow.

Jadranka said...

wonderful photos kathy. looks like you guys had a great time in the snow !