Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 23rd - Christmas Dessert

Well, yesterday was a bit of a challenge to say the least. We had to go pick up some ingredients for our lemon meringue pies for Christmas dessert but when we tried to get our car out of the parking stall it was clear we were not going anywhere. Determined to give it my best effort, I put the car in second gear and rolled back and forth and back and forth. After about 30 minutes, we made it about 30 meters and the driveway looked even longer than it did to begin with. When we tried to back up to our stall we were stuck. Stuck, stuck! I ended up having to call my dad to come help push us back into our parking spot.

Once our car was safely back in her spot, Emily and I decided to hike up to our local grocery store to pick up our ingredients. On our way back, I slipped and fell and now have a lovely bruise the size of my hand on my left hip. Honestly, if I was 15 years older I'm sure I would have broken it! The fall literally took my breath away! I hobbled home and after a couple Tylenol 3s and as long as I didn't try to sit down, I was fine.

Emily and I made two beautiful pies. Notice the beautiful peaks Emily managed to achieve with her special twirling technique! lol

So, here are my photos of the day. I am not a baker so I'm pretty proud of how these turned out. Without Emily's help, I don't think they would look as good. It was the first time I've ever made a lemon meringue pie, 30 years after Emily's first! lol

4 Lovely Comments:

Sue said...

Kathy, I am so sorry you had such a bad Fall...but now you can expect to be waited on hand and foot over the it up girlfriend!

YUMMO looking pies! When are you hostess at the club again? LOL Expectation are running high now!

Anonymous said...

Well done Joe!!!!

Jo said...

Kathy, watch yourself girl!!! we dont want you hurting ... and i totally understand, i got stuck on the 24th ...
and those pies look amazing ... gotta love Emily's twirling technique!!!

Jadranka said...

now that is a beautiful looking pie! good job. i'm sure it was as tasty as it looks. hope your hip is feeling better after that fall!
:) j.