Monday, March 16, 2009

My Studio

Several people have suggested that I post some pictures of my studio. So, I made a little slide show for you. I spent a good portion last week cleaning and reorganizing and it feels so great to create in here now. I was in a slump, but now that everything is so organized and clean it's really easy to play and keep it that way. I've captioned each photo so you can read where I got some of my organizers if you like. If you have any questions, please let me know. I love colour, and all things pretty and love surrounding myself with lots of visual stimulation and inspiration as you will notice lol. Thanks for stopping by!

3 Lovely Comments:

ScrappeeDiane said...

Wow that is awesome, I love your space.

Susan said...

love it Kathy!! so bright and cheery...what are those metal ledges your punches are organized on along your wall??

Kathy said...

Hi this Susan R? My punches are resting on a flat "towel rack" from IKEA. They are not in the Bathroom section though...they are in the Kitchen section along with the spice rack I got to organize my buttons. The SU punches fit perfectly on them! I meant to get two the same length but goofed. I'll be needing another one soon! lol