Sunday, May 3, 2009

Challenges #20 and #16

Glitter, Glam, Gorgeous and Stamping Background Paper. All in all, I created 4 LOs today. I'm a slow scrapper! lol

3 Lovely Comments:

Jo said...

maybe you are slow because you are putting so much care, attention & love into your layouts ... sometimes it's best not to rush through ... as long as you are enjoying the process its all good :) btw the layouts are just gorgeous!

Kathy said...

Thanks Jo! :) You're absolutely right. It's the process that matters most. Your postcard was just perfect for this LO, however, I goofed on the journalling as it was after 3 am but was able to rescue it. lol

Sue C said...

Kathy, really beautiful layouts as always. The time you take and the care and love you put into your layouts shine through all your lovely creations.