Friday, August 14, 2009

15 Random Things

I've been tagged by my friend Carrie again! She does some smokin layouts and takes the cutest pics of her three little angels. Be sure to check out her blog! This tag is very casual. Basically we are to write 15 (or however many you want!) things about yourself and then pass it on to some of your blogging buddies. So here goes:

1. My favourite all time band is the Beatles. I was Paul McCartney's biggest fan. My entire room was decorated with Beatles posters.
2. I love to collect snowmen.
3. Spiders give me the creeps and if one ever gets in my house, I put a glass over him until DH gets home who then takes him out of the house.
4. I'm a scrapaholic, chocoholic, coffeeholic and I'm ok with it.
5. My daughter was born on my wedding anniversary.
6. My first car was an orange VW Bug and I still miss her!
7. One of my favourite songs is Love Shack too Carrie!! LOL Too funny! That song always gets me boppin! LOVE IT!
8. I love my job and have been blessed to have a job that I really look forward to going to each day.
9. One of my favourite and funnest jobs I've had was working on the switchboard at a 5 star hotel.
10. I prefer red wine over white and Corona with lime in the bottle is my favourite beer.
11. If I didn't have to work, I would scrapbook every day.
12. I am completely and hopelessly directionally challenged lol
13. I love to sleep in whenever I get the chance!
14. I don't think I've ever really grown up, I like to play too much.
15. I was swimming and skiing at the age of two.

Ok, so I'm going to pass this on to:
Alison, Betty, Sue D and Vicky
Let the randomness begin!

1 Lovely Comments:

laterg8r said...

ok, i love corona too but i like it with 2 limes! i loathe spiders too but i scream and suck em up with the vacuum! So glad you love your job, so many people aren't that lucky! Oh how i wish i could sleep in - i love to sleep in!

thanks for playing, loved learning some random things about you :)