Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dad's 80th Birthday Celebration

Last weekend we celebrated my dad's 80th birthday. He was planning his annual sail past with his sailing group but little did he know that his good friend Nancy was planning a surprise party for him! Hubby and Emily and I took the ferry over to Bowen Island in the afternoon on Saturday to celebrate with dad and his sailing club and then had a family dinner for him here at home on Sunday. It was a wonderful time and dad was totally surprised to see us show up. He's so lucky to have such wonderful friends and I'm so glad that he belongs to a group of such wonderful people. It reminds me of my scrapbooking group. When people share the same passion, wonderful friendships are made!

I made this canvas for dad. He loves it.

Here's a few pictures from dad's party.

6 Lovely Comments:

Jo said...

wonderful story and gorgeous canvas! It looks like it was a wonderful celebration!

Sue said...

Your dad looks like he is having a wonderful time Kathy. The canvas is stunning!

Rosa said...

Love the canvas! The pics are wonderful and looks like you all had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Kathy the canvas turned out fabulous. Looks like your dad had a wonderful celebration.

Sue C said...

How lovely for your Dad! I am so glad the weather held up for his special Birthday.

Love the canvas and the cake!!!

laterg8r said...

love all the shells on this kathy, beautiful :D