Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kat's Kreative Blog Award

I love to dabble in a bit of everything kreative. Today I played with a little paper quilling and thought to myself, this would make a really cute little Blog Award lol. Why not? I see them all the time. I've been honoured to have a few bestowed on me, why can't I make my own? Well today, I was inspired to do so by my friend Carrie who just created her own blog. Yeah Carrie! You have to check it out! She does some amazing layouts and is one very talented chicka! You can find her blog here. So....this award was made especially for you girlfriend. The rules? Nominate 8 other Kreative women you know, who have Killer blogs and pass on this award. When you do, the only rules are that you have to list your top 3 reasons why you love to scrapbook and your top 3 personality traits that make a good friend. Have fun!

I'm passing this award on to these Kreative women, my good friends:
Carrie, Izzy, Jo, Diane, Hayley, Sue F, Sue C and Gabriela

Top 3 Reasons I Scrapbook:
1. It makes me feel free and allows me to express my creative side.
2. All of my family's memories are preserved for generations to come.
3. It's lots of fun and I've met some amazing women who share the same passion!

Top 3 Personality Traits that make a Good Friend:
1. Trustworthy
2. Nonjudgmental
3. A great sense of humour.

5 Lovely Comments:

laterg8r said...

kathy this is super cool! thanks. now i just have to figure out how to get that image on my blog and not tag the same people you did - LOL

ScrappeeDiane said...

Thanks for the Blog award, you are one cool and talented Chicka too.

I thought your job was busy at the end of the school year. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink, but you seem to have Kreative Time. Hmmmm LOL

Hayley G said...

Kat your blog is just so fun to read. I love love it and you continue to inspire me each visit!

Gabriela said...

Kathy, Thank you! What an awesome and crafty award. I adore quilling! Can't wait to post this one on my blog! Thanks so much!

Sue D said...

What a great award. I love your blog Kathy! Got to hop :)