Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moment of Fame for my two Friends Izzy and Hayley

On Sunday, Izzy and Hayley, along with one of the organizers for Crop for Kids, Mary, helped present a cheque for $21,593.69 to BC Children's Hospital. Sandra, Mary's partner in organizing this wonderful event that I was lucky enough to attend last year was unfortunately not able to make it. It was great seeing Izzy and Hayley on tv! What a great presentation and such a wonderful and worthwhile charity! I'll be attending this year's Crop for Kids again in October. July 13th is when we get to sign up for our classes. I can't wait! Here's a great photo from Izzy's blog of the presentation. Great job ladies!

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Hayley G said...

That was a blast, it was so cool that Mary and Sandra asked Izzy and I to help out. Way Cool!