Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ok, Seriously.....Enough Already!

More snow??! The side roads are still really icey and are now covered in snow again. It's dangerous out there! Walking or driving! Getting to work on Monday is going to be a B@#$*! It was wonderful to have a white Christmas, I loved it! It was warm and cozy inside and beautiful outside and was great, if you didn't have to drive anywhere, but frankly, at this point, I'd be happy to see our good ole Vancouver rain again!

2 Lovely Comments:

Izzy said...

Good luck getting up to school on Monday, drive safe! I think the rain is starting later so you should be okay, as long as it doesn't freeze.

Jo said...

it's the whole walking part that is the killer ... but i still love looking at the snow ... soooo much prettier than rain! (which i hear is coming soon) :)