Monday, January 5, 2009

Well! Hello There!

This little guy greeted me when I arrived home today. Isn't he cute? I almost wonder if he's trying to remind me that the snow has it's charm and doesn't have to be all that inconvenient afterall. I didn't actually make it in to work today. I tried, but my car totally sucks in the snow! I did just fine on the main roads of course, but it wasn't until I had to make it up the last 6 blocks, which were side streets, that I ended up having difficulty. Difficulty as in getting stuck 3, THREE Times Stuck! Fortunately there were tons of people on their way to work also and so several stopped to offer help and push me out of my predicaments, the last being the worst. I finally got myself turned around and since I was now facing down hill, I decided to keep going and head back home. Even if I did manage to get to work, I can't imagine where I would have parked as all the side streets were snow banks or filled with cars that clearly had not gone anywhere for weeks! It's suppose to warm up tonight so hopefully more of this lovely white stuff will melt and I'll make it in tomorrow. I'm going to have to head out pretty early though as traffic was pretty much at a crawl in several parts of the city today.

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Izzy said...

Sucks that you got stuck... but at least you had another day off! ;) BTW... the card is gorgeous!